A team of researchers from the college of Computing and Information
Sciences (CoCIS) Makerere University are implementing an EU-ISOOKO
project that is aimed at developing an open-source, participatory software
platform that supports peace education and reconciliation in post-conflict
societies by providing a digital ‘safe space’ in which communities can
participate in distributed, information-driven processes of reflection and
informed, constructive dialogue. As the ISOOKO Makerere team, one of the
tasks in achieving this objective is to develop and carry out training
programmes. The researchers conducted a Training Needs Assessment
(TNA) within the East African region (Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) in order to
identify the training needs in regards to ISOOKO project objectives through
which the following training needs were identified: Processing and preserving
artefacts, Digital Archiving and Curation, Digital content management,
Collection development of artefacts, conflict and peace development
initiatives, Conflict resolution and management, Disaster preparedness and
control, Reconciliation and negotiation skills, Video Editing, Communication
skills, Digital Security, Museum management and Digital Photography. A
modularized CPD with four modules was proposed; designed to impart
knowledge and skills in peace building and digital archiving. The key
objectives of the CPD are to:
• Provide training on foundations, tutorials and hands-on practical
sessions on peace building and digital archiving;
• Enable tutors to apply peace building and digital archiving contexts so
that learners acquire in-depth knowledge and apply it to complex, realworld problems;
• Enable participants acquire a more proactive approach to project
implementation as a result of the training

We are seeking applications for a pilot 4-weeks CPD programme in
Digital Archiving and Peacebuilding. Applications are open from Monday 25th
January 2021 to Sunday 7th February 2021. The Programme will begin on
the 20th February 2021 and end on 14th March 2021. Successful Applicants
will be notified by 15th February 2021.

The call for application and the customised CV template to complete are attached.