• To manage the communication network of ISOOKO.
  • To ensure the dissemination of the results of the project to relevant stakeholders.
  • To maximise the impact of the project, in particular with regard to public policy issues.
  • Take necessary actions to pursue potential IPR and patent issues.
  • To create a dedicated website to ISOOKO with project, public and Members’ Only sections.
  • To run symposia, workshops, meetings and a Conference.
  • To disseminate to the general public to promote greater public engagement and dialogue between researchers and society.
  • To foster the overall knowledge management within the Consortium, e.g. via the exchange and dissemination of best research practices, setting up of information systems and expert groups.
  • To liaise with other projects in Europe and worldwide.
  • To manage, with the SME partners in the project, the translation of the results into exploitation.

Work package lead: Aegis Trust