Author: Philipp Grunewald & Thomas Baar

Between the 29th and 31st of October 2018 more than 200 peace builders gathered at this year’s Build Peace conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We participated in the rich event to get to know the community a bit better and to share the scope and aims of the Isôoko project with our peers. 

Build Peace Conference

Build Peace is an annual conference that travels the globe, being hosted in peace building hot spots. Belfast, with its eventful history was this year’s hosting city and the event greatly benefitted from the local setting, the lessons shared by local peace builders, and our engagement with the urban environment that embodies this city’s past and present.

Find out more about the event here: https://howtobuildpeace.org/bp2018/.

Isôoko Introduction

With our introduction of Isôoko we aimed to generate awareness of the project and spark possible conversations with other conference participants. We introduced the three main threads with which we work: (1) Isôoko as a Process; (2) Isôoko as a Platform; and (3) Isôoko as a Repository. The audience was very responsive to this framing. This was great feedback for our project as we had never tried to communicate this to such a large audience prior to the event. 

The presentation did indeed spark a range of interesting conversations during the event and afterwards and we are grateful to Build Up (the organisation responsible for coordinating the event) for having allowed us to dip into this community of researchers, practitioners, activists and artists. 

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